Web Application Development

Web application development services form the core of our business. We are experts at designing, architecting, and implementing custom web applications that conform to your business.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile business apps are what we do. Whether you are starting out in business, or have an established business presence, we can help you get started utilizing mobile technology in your business.

IT Solutions Consulting

Our strategic IT consulting will help you automate and digitalize operations, optimize your software portfolio, and implement the latest technologies. 

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Core Team

Brandon Allison

 Full Stack Software Engineer

Brandon is the Software Engineer behind the keyboard creating the powerful software solutions we pride ourselves on at Digital Expression Studio. Turning your vision into a reality through lines of code is what keeps Brandon and the team pushing the bounds of what is possible in the digital world.  

Tim Keeley

UI/UX Designer and Developer

Design and user experience is Tim’s fort√©. As a web developer, Tim focused on creative and easy to use websites. That attention to detail is what makes our software solutions stand out among the competition with our creative approach to the application and clean, easy to navigate user interface and experience.

Nick Yost

Solutions Specialist

As our solutions specialist Nick establishes and maintains contact with clients to determine what software or product best suits their needs. He collaborates with the sales team to develop goals and strategies. Knowledgeable of how the software can help the each customer become more productive and efficient. At times he may also troubleshoot technical problems to keep client operations running smoothly.

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